At VIP Landscaping we know how important it is to have a nice healthy-looking lawn.

If your lawn needs to get re-done, give us a call and we will be happy to come and discuss the best option for your needs. Looking to have instant green grass with perfect lines? Look no further, sod is just the thing for you! Our team will come in and remove whatever you might have existing in the area you are looking to turn green. We will grade the area and bring in a high-quality combination topsoil/sand mixture. After we have it disbursed, raked out and rolled to perfection. Our team will come in and lay instant green sod that your eyes cannot get enough of!

If you are looking for a beautiful lawn but instant gratification is in your dreams or your budget, we offer land clearing and lawn prep. You can seed yourself or we can do it for you! It may take a little more time to get a thick lush green lawn, but the outcome will be beautiful.

We have experienced many homeowners in the Greater Vancouver Area that battle with chafer beetles. It may seem like and endless fight that you can not win. But at VIP Landscaping we will come in and remove all your existing grass. And dig down as far as necessary to get rid of the issue. Typically, 6-8 inches will do, but we will not stop until we are certain the pesky critters have been completely removed from your lawn. The rest is up to you! We can then prep your land for seed sod or even artificial turf.

If you happen to live in an area where you just do not get enough sunshine, or maybe you have an abundance of trees that keep your lawn from growing. We do offer the option of artificial turf installation. It may not be the real deal but talk about low maintenance and green year-round.

Whatever your lawn needs are VIP Landscaping is here to help “grass” the way!

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VIP Landscaping serves the Greater Vancouver District, Langley, Surrey, White Rock and everything in between.