We also provide brushcutting to remove those nasty overgrown blackberry bushes, tall grass, small trees and any other overgrowth that may have taken over your property.

Our high performance brush cutter will cut down small trees up to 7 inch diameter with ease.

What is brushcutting?

Brush cutting is a landscaping service that involves the use of a specialized machine or tool to clear overgrown vegetation or thick brush from a particular area. This process is typically used in areas where traditional lawn mowers or other equipment cannot effectively cut the vegetation due to the thickness and height of the brush.

A brush cutter is a machine or tool that uses a rotating blade or cutting line to cut through thick vegetation such as weeds, grass, bushes, and small trees. The tool is typically more powerful than a traditional lawn mower, and it can handle cutting through much thicker vegetation.

Landscapers may use brush cutting services to clear land for new construction, to maintain trails or hiking paths, to clear overgrown areas of a property, or to create firebreaks to reduce the risk of wildfires. Brush cutting can be an effective way to control vegetation growth, improve the appearance of a property, and create a safer environment for people and animals.


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