Benefits of good drainage

A drainage system is an essential component of any built environment, whether it's a residential or commercial building, a roadway, or an entire city. The importance of a drainage system lies in its ability to remove excess water and prevent flooding, which can cause significant damage to property, infrastructure, and even human life.

A good drainage system is one of the most important aspects of your landscaping. Water is powerful and can be extremely destructive. Poor drainage can lead to erosion of your property. It can also cause structural deficiencies in the landscape, damage the foundation of your home, and cause death of plant materials and lawns.

Are portions of your lawn like walking on a wet / muddy sponge? Are there areas of you yard that just never dry out and will not grow a healthy lawn? This is a common problem in the area. Many of our yards here in the Fraser Valley are made up of clay soils. These soils tend to hold or absorb water during fall, winter and spring months making it seem impossible to get away from the typical wet, soggy yard that we often see throughout the lower mainland. A relatively in-expensive solution to solve these problems is to install a French Drain system. This provides a way for water to leach out of the ground through a bed of gravel, into piping with a connection to perimeter drains.

We will also re-slope and re-grade your yard to ensure proper water runoff from rainfall. We will ensure that standing water will not be a problem for your yard.

At VIP Landscaping we have the expertise and experience to install new drainage systems as well as assess and repair existing drainage issues.

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